Jenny Berry, LICSW

jenny berry

I hold a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Denver. I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. My experience includes working with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.
I have a strong belief that each and every person is doing the very best he or she can. When someone considers engaging in therapy, a person has reached the conclusion that there are limitations to their current knowledge, skill set, or ability to make progress in the direction they prefer their life to go. Within each client are a set of strengths that I look for to build on, and areas of difficulty that I look to support and strengthen. Often in life, we make choices that make sense at the time, and then we hold on to thoughts or behaviors longer than they are helpful to us. Therapy is the process in which to examine thoughts, behaviors, and emotions in a safe and supportive environment in order to make desired and necessary changes. I strive to provide a balance of support and challenge in order to be effective in helping clients make the changes they desire.
I use a client-centered, solution-focused approach to therapy, drawing from other evidence based practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. I incorporate motivational interviewing because I believe that the client is central in the therapeutic process and maintains the capacity for growth and change. Homework assignments are given frequently to ensure that progress is experienced outside of the therapy office and will be maintained after therapy is complete. I also believe in focusing on the goal more than the problem and building on strengths that the client already possesses.

Families are asked to be active in all phases of treatment when I work with children, from the goal setting process to termination. At times, parents may be asked to attend sessions without the child present.