Using therapeutic role-playing games

I am looking for middle, high school-aged children, and young adults who want to improve their social skills and who may be struggling with social anxiety. I will be offering different groups for each of those age groups. We will meet regularly to help your child/teen build confidence, creativity, and social capability while playing a collaborative storytelling game of fantasy and adventure who shares similar challenges and goals.

In social skills therapy, your child/teen will meet with a trained and certified play therapist in a small group setting. Your child will participate in storytelling games, discussions, and scenarios, that will help practice social skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Social skills therapy can help your child/teen with:

– Build stronger and healthier relationships with family, friends, teachers, and others

– Increase your self-esteem and self-awareness

– Reduce your stress and anxiety in social situations

– Enhance your academic and career prospects

– Enjoy more happiness and fulfillment in life

Check out this recent article from King 5 news about the success of therapeutic role-playing gaming (Seattle researchers find that Dungeons and Dragons can help kids build social-emotional skills |

REGISTRATION REQUIRED. For registration or questions please contact Jeffrey at 360-698-9258 or

Cost per session: $70 per person, per 90-minute session. INITIAL OFFERING DISCOUNT $50 per person. Participants register for a season, which is 8 weekly sessions. The initial total season cost will be $450. This includes an initial individual (parent and child) intake session.

This service does not qualify for insurance reimbursements.